Although the services listed on this page are related to garments, please contact me about all of your sewing needs. 

Do you have porch or patio furniture that could use new covers? 

How about those curtains that have been hanging around forever?  Would you like to "freshen up" the look of your bedroom?

Maybe you're looking for a unique gift for a special occasion.  Give me a call and let me help you create the perfect gift.


                New Garment Construction (Pattern type + $7 per pattern piece used)

                            Simplicity or McCalls pattern                                   $25

                            Butterick pattern                                                    $35

                            Vogue pattern                                                        $40

                            Custom pattern                                                      $40



                            Dress pants (hand sewn)                                        $15

                            Casual pants (machine sewn)                                 $10

                            Pants with cuffs                                                    $20

                            Skirts/Dresses                                                 $20-30


                Zipper Replacement (+cost of zipper)

                            Dress pants or jeans                                             $20

                            Jacket – unlined                                                    $15

                            Winter coat                                                          $20

                            Skirt or Dress                                                       $15


                Bodice Alterations                                                   $25


                Elastic Replacement                                               $10


                Shorten Sleeves                                          

                            Unlined; no cuff                                                    $10

                            With lining                                                            $15

                            Lined with cuff                                                      $25


                Suit Tailoring

                            Coat (take in/let out seams, sleeve adjustments)                    $35

                            Pants (shorten crotch, take in/let out seat)                         $25


                Hourly labor charge for custom projects             $10


Prices subject to change without notice