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          Helpful tips from Sheila


When replacing a button with four holes, sew each pair of holes with a separate piece of thread. That way, if one side unravels, the other side will still hold the button in place.
Buttons with shanks can be temporarily held in place by safety pins until you can sew them back on.  Use dental floss when re-attaching, the shank is less likely to cut through floss than thread.
If you find the hem on your pants or skirt has come loose, adhesive tape will hold it in place until you can get home.  Be sure to remove the tape before laundering. Use an over stitch when doing the repair, knotting the thread every 6 inches or so.  That way, if the thread comes loose again, the hem won’t fall down completely and you’ll only have a short section to repair.

The easiest way to replace old elastic is to cut it, attach one end of the new elastic to an end of the old elastic with a small safety pin or some firm stitches. Once they are attached, pull the old elastic out, which will bring the new elastic in. Don’t forget to hold onto the end of the new elastic!  

A small tear in clothing can be easily repaired by ironing a piece of fusible interfacing to the inside of the garment.  Be sure the edges of the tear are lined up closely and trim any loose threads before applying the interfacing.
 A safety pin can serve as an emergency zipper pull.
Hide stains in children’s clothes with iron on transfers of animals or sports symbols or use fabric paint to design your own creation over the stain.
Static cling can make even the best fitting silky blouse, pants or skirts look messy.  Rub your midriff or legs with a dryer sheet magic!....the anoying cling is gone!  Worried about foot odor?  Tear that slightly used dryer sheet in half and slip them into your shoes.  They are so thin you won't even feel it.
Wedding Day must haves: spool of white thread with needle; thread to match bridesmaids dress color; small safety pins; Clothing & Body Tape for holding bra straps out of sight, dress bodice to chest to minimize visible cleavage, or a quick hem repair; and the magical dryer sheets for static cling.
Clothing & Body Tape can be found at Joann Fabrics & Hancock Fabric stores.
Sheila's Sewing,
Mar 6, 2010, 9:16 PM